Annabelle buys EXC $30.12: Exelon Corporation (EXC): Exelon's Management Presents at Barclay's 2013 ...

Exelon Corporation (EXC): Exelon's Management Presents at Barclay's 2013 ... Seeking Alpha - 3 hours ago All right our next presentation is going to be Exelon Corporation, we have Bill Von Hoene, who is senior EVP and Chief Strategy Officer as well ... (more)

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Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
11.9.13  -----------   - 641970030.7030.7629.99 30.12
10.9.13  --------      - 538360030.4330.7630.23 30.73
9.9.13      ------      432720030.3430.4230.04 30.25
6.9.13    ------      - 515330030.1930.6330.17 30.31
5.9.13         -----    341360030.0530.1729.86 30.05
4.9.13         -------- 597100030.0130.2029.70 30.09
3.9.13  ----------      492450030.6730.7530.03 30.09
30.8.13   -----          447820030.4330.6930.40 30.49
29.8.13   ------         453450030.5930.7230.32 30.42
28.8.13  -----           424820030.5530.8330.43 30.71
27.8.13  ------          469280030.4830.7930.37 30.56
26.8.13 ---              496080030.9030.9630.69 30.70
23.8.13 ----             420920030.8431.0030.59 30.96
22.8.13 -------------- - 690720029.8930.8729.82 30.72
21.8.13          ------- 615080030.0530.0829.67 29.86
20.8.13       ---------- 745690029.8530.3429.74 30.12
19.8.13        --------- 606010030.0330.2829.75 29.86
16.8.13    --------    - 685210030.4930.6030.03 30.16
15.8.13     -----      - 554390030.2230.5230.18 30.47
14.8.13     -------      432130030.3330.5030.01 30.44

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Technical Briefing: Exelon Corp., CenterPoint Energy Inc., Public Service ... MarketWatch - Sep 9, 2013 LONDON, September 9, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The U.S. equity market ended on a mixed note on Friday, September 06, 2013. The S&P 500 and the ... (more)
Exelon Corp into Saudi Arabia Nuclear Project; Cobalt Cathodes Price Up MetalMiner - 6 hours ago Peace in the Middle East may be hard to achieve, but maybe not so much for nuclear power generation. According to Industrial Info Resources, “Exelon Corporat ... (more)
EXELON CORPORATION : Peach Bottom Begins Planned Refueling Outage (press release) - 45 minutes ago Delta, Pa. - Operators at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station removed Unit 3 from service at 12:01 a.m. this morning to begin a planned refueling out ... (more)
TOSHIBA CORP : Westinghouse, Toshiba and Exelon Nuclear Partners to ... (press release) - 11 hours ago TOKYO, September 9, 2013-Toshiba Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Company and Exelon Nuclear Partners (ENP), the largest nuclear power fleet ... (more)
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