Taren buys XOM $87.98: Consider Yields Carefully With Oil And Gas Stocks [Exxon Mobil Corporation ...

Consider Yields Carefully With Oil And Gas Stocks [Exxon Mobil Corporation ... Seeking Alpha - 5 hours ago Oil and gas companies can make excellent long-term investments for their excellent combination of income and growth potential. However, when consider ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
12.9.13  ------           1091710088.5988.8087.87 87.98
11.9.13 -------           1120350087.8888.8587.88 88.84
10.9.13    --------     - 1183040088.4088.4087.28 87.82
9.9.13     -------       929850087.3488.2087.31 88.04
6.9.13        -------  - 1295150087.4987.7386.80 87.25
5.9.13     -------       1174050088.0688.3087.33 87.35
4.9.13       -------     983070087.0187.9886.90 87.76
3.9.13       --------    1054670087.7088.0086.84 87.15
30.8.13         ------  - 1248200087.3987.5586.79 87.16
29.8.13   ---------       1141770088.6388.6387.23 87.27
28.8.13 -----------     - 1774390087.3188.9987.28 88.84
27.8.13          ------ - 1396060086.6287.4986.58 86.82
26.8.13        -------    1065460087.5087.7086.82 87.09
23.8.13        -------    920640087.1587.6986.76 87.52
22.8.13          -------  1020250086.5887.4286.45 86.98
21.8.13           ------- 1276680086.9587.3586.39 86.42
20.8.13       --------  - 1650520087.1387.8786.83 86.83
19.8.13       --------    1174570087.8287.8786.78 86.92
16.8.13    ------       - 1187840088.0188.4987.65 87.91
15.8.13 ------            1127360088.6688.8788.06 88.16

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Uncertainty Over Intervention in Syria Hits Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) Insider Monkey (blog) - Sep 9, 2013 Recent effervescence in the Middle East continues to push up oil prices. Last Friday, oil prices opened above 2012's peak ($107.52), getting e ... (more)
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Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM), Chevron Corporation (CVX): Why You Need a ... Insider Monkey (blog) - 6 hours ago Over the past five years, oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) has paid its shareholders $44 billion in dividends. (more)
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